Bill unveils childhood memoir book 'Billy in the Wars'

We're thrilled to announce that Bill's latest book, childhood memoir 'Billy in the Wars', will be released via Pegasus Publishers on Tuesday, October 24th – on Bill's birthday!


'Billy in the Wars' is the illustrated memoir of ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, recalling his experiences as a young boy growing up in wartime Britain.

Bill brings history to life through the personal lens of his childhood memories, where grim anecdotes of war are punctuated by moving moments of childhood innocence and joy.

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Bill Wyman's Chelsea – Bill's new book goes on sale May 31, 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Bill’s new book Bill Wyman’s Chelsea: From Medieval Village to Cultural Capital will be published on May 31st with Unicorn Publishing Group!

Bill Wyman has worked in the London borough of Chelsea on-and-off since joining the Rolling Stones in 1962, and has lived in the area since 1982. Over the past few years, Bill has walked every street of his beloved neighbourhood, photographing anything unusual that caught his eye: bridges, churches, pubs, shops, houses, monuments, decorative wall plaques, blue historical plaques, statues, weather vanes, front doors, street signs and coal hole covers. Alongside his photos, Bill began to research the area thoroughly – its history, its stories, and its residents.

Bill Wyman's Chelsea is the result of this work: a comprehensive and informative guide to a London borough steeped in culture and history, as seen through the personal and affectionate lens of a long-standing resident, who himself plays a part in the history of the area. Complete with walking tour itineraries, maps, an A-Z of streets, historical information, over 300 of Bill’s photos and knowledge from an insider; Bill has produced what can confidently be called the ‘Master Book on Chelsea’.

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Bill attends Iconic Images private gallery viewing

On June 9th Bill spent the evening at the wonderful Iconic Images gallery in Chelsea, where several of his photos of the Stones are currently being exhibited for sale.

These will be available to view and purchase until further notice, and a larger collection of Bill’s photography can be found in his book ‘Stones From The Inside’.

Bill attends Photo London for a book signing of Stones From The Inside

On May 14th Bill attended Photo London at Somerset House with Iconic Images for a signing of his book of photographs of the Stones, ‘Stones From The Inside’.

He signed a large number of books and had a lovely time meeting fans, and reconnecting with photographer Gered Mankowitz, who shot many iconic photos of the Stones over the years

Some of Bill’s signed photo prints were also exhibited for sale. These have since been moved to the Iconic Images Gallery in Chelsea, where they can be viewed and purchased. Bill’s book ‘Stones From The Inside’ can also be purchased here.

Bill with Gered Mankowitz

The Rolling Stones - In The Beginning

The Rolling Stones – In The Beginning new and expanded edition launches

A new and expanded edition of The Rolling Stones: In The Beginning by Bent Rej is launching on October 1, with previously unseen images and forward by Bill Wyman.

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Forbes interviews Bill about photography and influences

US site Forbes has conducted an in-depth interview with Bill about his photography, and how Bill developed his own, unique style of photography.

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Interview Magazine showcases Stones photos from Bill's new book

Interview Magazine has showcased a series of Rolling Stones photos taken by Bill for his new book, Stones From The Inside.

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Bill chats about backstage Rolling Stones photos for new book

Coverage of Bill's new book Stones from the Inside has celebrated Bill's incredible photography archive of the band, along with a chat with Bill.

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Bill's new book Stones From the Inside – on sale February 2020

Bill's new book – Stones From the Inside showcasing a collection of rare Rolling Stones images is set to go on sale in February priced at £40.

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Stones From the Inside – Limited Edition book now on sale

Bill has announced the release of his new, limited edition book Stones From the Inside – a collection of known, unknown, rare and unseen images capturing the Rolling Stones on-stage, backstage and on the road.

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Stone Alone - The Story Of A Rock'n'Roll Band now available on Kindle

Bill Wyman's famed book that charts Bill's time with the Rolling Stones and his life before the Stones has been launched on Amazon Kindle for the first time as a new edition.

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Bill Wyman's scrapbook makes the GQ Punch List

Bill Wyman's Scrapbook - Legacy Edition - has made GQ magazine's prestigeous GQ Punch List, which details the top ten things to watch, hear and read for the week ahead.

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Bill Wyman's Scrapbook - Legacy Edition - now on sale

Updated: We have been overwhelmed with the response to the forthcoming release of Bill Wyman's Scrapbook - we have sold over 1,000 pre-orders before the book is even released!

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Wyman Shoots Chagall

Wyman Shoots Chagall is a unique book about Marc Chagall, born of an unlikely meeting between two artists who had achieved greatness in their respective fields. This charming limited edition volume about Chagall and Chagall paintings, restricted to 1,500 copies worldwide, presents the portrait photography and extensive reminiscences of the former Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman. Every copy is individually numbered.

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The Rolling Stones: In The Beginning

The Rolling Stones: In The Beginning by Mitchell Beazley presents, for the very first time, a unique collection of over 300 intimate, iconic, and rarely seen photographs of the Rolling Stones on the brink of superstardom in the mid-sixties.

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Blinds & Shutters

Over 600 image-varnished photographs - with Rolling Stones photos and The Beatles photos, most of the photos are previously unpublished. Each copy of Blinds & Shutters is individually numbered and personally signed by former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and at least nine other contributors.

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Bill Wyman: Stone Alone

Offstage, Rolling Stone bass guitarist Bill Wyman has always been "the silent Stone". Now Bill Wyman tells the story of the Rolling Stones, covering three decades of music, feuds, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll with the Rolling Stones.

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Chagall's World - Reflections From The Mediterranean

A glimpse of the life and work of world of renowned artist Marc Chagall, capturing the spirit and personality of his art. A real surprise for art lovers - an unusual collaboration between a diverse trio of men: Ex-Rolling Stones bass guitarist-turned photographer, Bill Wyman; French poet-turned interviewer, André Verdet; and world-famous painter Marc Chagall, each lending his talent to a joint endeavor that aims to capture the spirit and personality of the great artist himself, as well as the spirit and reality of his art.

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Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey

Bill Wyman, bass player for the most famous rock band in the world, The Rolling Stones, has been inspired throughout his career by the Blues and the great Blues players, many of whom Bill Wyman knew and played with. Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey is one man's tribute to the foundations of rock music today.

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Bill Wyman's Treasure Islands

Bill Wyman's Treasure Islands is the who, what, when, where, why and how of historical treasures found in Great Britain and Ireland. Since humans first lived on these shores literally millions of things have been buried, thrown away or simply lost.

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Rolling With The Stones

The Rolling Stones, commonly referred to as the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band, epitomize everything that's excessive, lavish, exciting and powerful about rock music. Now, founding member and bass player Bill Wyman presents an honest and humorous account that serves as a backstage pass to the band's history, from drug busts, to tax exile, to solo careers.

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The Stones: A History In Cartoons

The Stones: A History In Cartoons combines previously unpublished entries from Bill Wyman's personal diaries with cartoons by some of the greatest satirical artists of the last 40 years. Over more than four decades, The Rolling Stones have been the inspiration for hundreds of cartoons and Bill Wyman has collected them, meticulously recording when and where they appeared.

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