A glimpse of the life and work of world of renowned artist Marc Chagall, capturing the spirit and personality of his art. A real surprise for art lovers – an unusual collaboration between a diverse trio of men: Ex-Rolling Stones bass guitarist-turned photographer, Bill Wyman; French poet-turned interviewer, André Verdet; and world-famous painter Marc Chagall, each lending his talent to a joint endeavor that aims to capture the spirit and personality of the great artist himself, as well as the spirit and reality of his art.

chagalls-world_300The three men got together; Verdet interviewed his friend Marc Chagall while Bill Wyman took portraits of the artist and his wife, Vava. The result is a very special look into Chagall’s world. As we walk through his studio in Saint-Paul, in southern France, we marvel at the dozen of never seen before gouaches and sculptures while he expounds on subjects from his early life in Russia to modern art today. Equally special, perhaps because none have been seen for many years, are the photographs of Chagall, showing him, not as the recluse many believe him to be, but as an appealing friend and neighbour.

 Chagall’s World – Reflections From The Mediterranean

  • Format: Hardback Book
  • Conversations with André Verdet
  • Language: English
  • Portrait Photography by Bill Wyman
  • Dimensions: 24cm wide and 31cm high x 2cm
  • Publisher: Doubleday
  • Pages: 121
  • 20 Portrait Photos/ 56 illustrations