Interview Magazine has showcased a series of Rolling Stones photos taken by Bill for his new book, Stones From The Inside.

Bill’s new book – Stones From the Inside – showcasing a collection of rare Rolling Stones images is now on February priced at £40.

Stones From the Inside is a collection of known, unknown, rare and unseen images capturing the Rolling Stones on-stage, backstage and on the road. It also includes commentary by Bill as he shares some of his incredible photos across 272 pages.

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A limited-edition print-run of Stones From the Inside – The Limited Edition is also available priced at £399 and limited to just 300 copies.

Interview Magazine includes several iconic shots, as well as comments from Bill:

“I joined The Rolling Stones in December 1962. After some success, I was able, a few years later, to purchase my first serious camera—a Nikkormat, together with a 135 Nikon lens—in Paris, France. From that time on I began to take photos in earnest, both at home and on tour with The Rolling Stones, preferring, for some reason, to photograph subjects when they were not aware of my camera, or were otherwise occupied. I took them mainly to illustrate my daily diaries. I’ve continued to take photographs, even to the present day. I’ve been lucky enough to have met—and in some instances, become close friends with—several photographers over the years. I’ve been continually inspired by their work, and when the camera was focused on me, I always paid close attention, in hopes that I would be able to hone my own photographic art into something a little bit better than just taking ‘snaps.’” —BILL WYMAN

See the full showcase and read more of Bill’s comments at Interview Magazine.