The Rolling Stones, commonly referred to as the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band, epitomize everything that’s excessive, lavish, exciting and powerful about rock music. Now, founding member and bass player Bill Wyman presents an honest and humorous account that serves as a backstage pass to the band’s history, from drug busts, to tax exile, to solo careers.

Straight from Wyman’s huge personal archive, Rolling With The Stones features previously unreleased letters, photographs, memorabilia and personal journals. With over 2,000 Rolling Stones photographs, more than 45 beautifully designed Rolling Stones tour spreads, Rolling Stones song lists from every show and Rolling Stones biographies on each band member, there is no need for any other Stones book to be written.

rolling_with_the_stones_300It has been said that if you can remember the Sixties you weren’t really there. Well you can if you kept a diary – something Bill Wyman has done since childhood. Drawing on Bill Wyman’s enormous personal archive, this is the first complete biography of the Rolling Stones from the inside. Illustrated with thousands of Rolling Stones photographs taken by Bill Wyman and some of the world’s greatest photographers, Rolling With The Stones is a backstage pass to the fame and notoriety of the Rolling Stones ‘the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world’.

Everything that is exciting and decadent about rock music is epitomised by the Rolling Stones. Over four decades they have defined rock ‘n’ roll excess, been imitated, sneered at and written off.

They have survived changes in fashion and taste as well as self-inflicted traumas to become a global phenomenon. Watched in concert by more people than any band in history, the Rolling Stones are an inspiration and an institution. Anyone who has ever picked up a guitar has imagined himself to be Keith. Every singer with a band has dreams of being Mick Jagger. And it’s every rhythm section’s dream to swing like Bill Wyman and Charlie… and to remain so cool while doing it.

Courting adversity, taking risks and generating more media hysteria than any other group… the Rolling Stones are Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“A fascinating insight into the band and the times in which it evolved. It’s a riveting read even if you aren’t a fan.” – Daily Express.

“Wyman’s narrative, adapted from his comprehensive diaries is awash with delightful detail. What makes this book so interesting is its disregard for hindsight.” – Daily Telegraph.

“Rolling Stones aficionados will treat Rolling with the Stones with the reverence of a sacred text and rock music historians will find it an essential reference tool.” – Variety.

“It’s an absolutely fabulous record of rock’s most enduring outfit.” – San Francisco Chronicle.