Bill Wyman, bass player for the most famous rock band in the world, The Rolling Stones, has been inspired throughout his career by the Blues and the great Blues players, many of whom Bill Wyman knew and played with. Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey is one man’s tribute to the foundations of rock music today.

blues_odyssey_book_cover_300Showcasing 40 of the legendary Blues players, from Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey explores the myths surrounding these characters, their key tracks and classic albums.

With unlimited access to Bill Wyman’s private archives and an authentic edge which only his extensive personal knowledge could provide, what is revealed is a society where poverty and injustice as well as love and faith found their expression in a musical style that gave birth to rock’n’roll, a vital part of the history of music today.

“A fascinating, lavishly illustrated history of blues music…” – The Sunday Telegraph

“Impresses with its fluency, its range and its authority…” – The Scotsman

“His passion for the music shouts from every page… Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey is quite simply the best single comprehensive volume on the subject” – Uncut Magazine

“A supremely stunning literary achievement… The single most important and rewarding volume ever published on the subject” – Goldmine Magazine