Bill Wyman’s detecting discoveries: Roman coin finds and gallery

Bill Wyman has been a lifelong avid metal detectorist, and has unearthed a huge number of finds, including this collection of Roman coins.

For many, Bill is best-known as the former bass player for the Rolling Stones – but Bill also devotes his time to other passions, including photography, writing and metal detecting. As a keen metal detectorist, Bill has made some interesting finds, including buckles, flint tools and buttons.

Bill has sent through a collection of some of his Roman coin discoveries, presented below as a close-up gallery of Roman coins that Bill has discovered. Bill says that these Roman coins – some of which are dated BC – were discovered by Bill around his Suffolk home.

Some of the coins in the gallery below show both faces (the obverse and reverse of the coin), plus Bill has also found what is one of the oldest Roman coins discovered in Britain, dated from 145-124 BC. The coins featured include the approximate date of their circulation.

Bill has a long history in detecting – and has even created his own Bill Wyman Signature metal detector. You can find out all about Bill Wyman’s metal detector here.

“Metal detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it’s probably the best and most enjoyable way of learning about our history,” says ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman.

So much so, that Bill Wyman has designed the metal detector with a unique appeal to children that has won praise from the likes of Richard And Judy.

The slideshow of Roman coins is below:


  1. Great stuff!

  2. Great example of roman coins bill

    inspirational for detectorisit at any level of experience

    thanks for sharing

  3. Hello Bill,

    Both you and Charlie Watts are my favorite members of the Rolling Stones.

    I have heard about your metal detecting hobby before and I just found out about your marvelous website.

    Your ancient Roman coin collect is simply fantastic!

    It must be such fun to unearth these little treasures.

    I am seventy-years old and a long time fan of the Rolling Stones.


    Jim Harrington


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