Bill Wyman has been a lifelong active metal detectorist, and now you can see some of the buttons Bill has personally discovered during his detecting sessions.

Bill has sent through a collection of some of his finds, presented below as a close-up gallery of buttons that Bill has discovered. Bill has assembled 48 beautiful buttons that he has discovered in and around his home in Suffolk.

Bill says the buttons are mostly from 1700-1900, and all are from jackets or waistcoats. Bill says the buttons are called various names, including ‘Dandy buttons’, ‘Livery buttons’, or ‘Sporting buttons’. The gallery here is just a small part of Bill’s significant button collection from his own time detecting.

Bill has a long history in detecting – and has even created his own Bill Wyman Signature metal detector. You can find out all about Bill Wyman’s metal detector here.

“Metal detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it’s probably the best and most enjoyable way of learning about our history,” says ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman. So much so, that Bill Wyman has designed the metal detector with a unique appeal to children that has won praise from the likes of Richard And Judy.

The slideshow of buttons is below:

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