Bill Wyman’s detecting discoveries: historic buckles gallery

Bill Wyman is more than a musician and photographer – the lifelong metal detectorist has also made some beautiful discoveries such as this buckle gallery.

Bill has sent through a collection of some of his buckle finds, presented below as a close-up gallery of buckles that Bill has discovered. Bill has send through 36 close-up photos of his buckle finds, which Bill says were all discovered on his land or in fields in the local area.

Bill says the buckles date from 1100-1700, and were all made from copper alloys. Bill says the buckles are a wide selection from his bigger buckle collection, and would have been used for strap ends, belts, sword belts and shoes.

The dates shown with each buckle in the slideshow below detail the historical period the buckle originated.

His wider collection includes later buckles from horse harnesses or ‘hat and shoe buckles’ from the 18th to 20th centuries, which are not shown here.

Bill has a long history in detecting – and has even created his own Bill Wyman Signature metal detector. You can find out all about Bill Wyman’s metal detector here.

“Metal detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it’s probably the best and most enjoyable way of learning about our history,” says ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman. So much so, that Bill Wyman has designed the metal detector with a unique appeal to children that has won praise from the likes of Richard And Judy.

The slideshow of buttons is below:


  1. I just want to say how amazed I got about your work. Actually I din’t know your skills other than a musician before visitng your website. Regards from Brazil!

  2. Some beautiful finds here! I am also a detectorist and love my buckle’s (My fave so far is a D shaped buckles with a dark patina. I have trouble finding info on how to date them though (other than pestering the local FLO), if you have any tips let me know! Thanks for the page its really handy for comparisons.

  3. Hi Bill. what a cracking collection of buckles. i have managed to unearth a few but not much success dating them do you have any tips/info that may be useful to date them. thanks for your time.all the best john.


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