Dilly Dines Out: video review of Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers restaurant

TV personality and presenter Dilly Braimoh filmed a video review of Bill’s Sticky Fingers restaurant – including a chat with Bill Wyman and a tour of some of the rock and roll history on show at the London restaurant.

Dilly Dines Out sees the presenter visit a number of iconic restaurants – including Sticky Fingers. In the video below, you’ll get the chance to see Bill talk about Sticky Fingers and even serve up one of Sticky Fingers’ famous meals!

As Dilly says:

Fabulous, classic American diner! Authentic and fresh! Everything American… from slow smoked ribs, Southern Fried Chicken and BBQ pulled pork, to toastin’ chicken wings, shrimp and Longhorn beef burgers. I felt like draping myself in the star spangled banner! The food’s so good, you’ve got more than a good chance to see Bill eating there himself!

Watch the video below and post your comments below if you’ve had the pleasure of eating at the world famous Sticky Fingers!

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  1. Took my father there in 1992 and really enjoyed it. Fifteen years later, my daughter was spending a college semester in London, and we all went over to visit her. We were in London for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and darned if Sticky Fingers wasn’t serving a Thanksgiving dinner — turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, the whole works. It was fabulous. The only downer was that they ran out of pumpkin pie, but the apple pie more than made up for it. We all remember that as a perfectly wonderful evening.


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