16th April

Keith Richard moved to Redlands, Redlands Lane, West Wittering, Sussex.

15th April

Release of Stones' fourth UK album – Aftermath – Decca SKL.4786

2nd April

Release of Stones' 6th US album - Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass) - London NPS.1.

26th March

Stones start their European and Scandinavian Tour – tour to 5th April 1966.

18th February

Stones commenced their second Australian and New Zealand Tour – tour to 2nd March 1966.

12th February

Release of Stones' 10th US single - 19th Nervous Breakdown b/w Sad Day - London 45-LON.9823

4th February

Release of Stones' 9th UK single - 19th Nervous Breakdown b/w As Tears Go By - Decca F.12331. It went to No.1.


Bill met and chatted with Otis Redding at The Scotch of St James Club in London.

18th December

Release of Stones' 9th US single - As Tears Go By b/w Gotta Get Away - London 45-LON.9808.

4th December

Release of Stones' 5th US album - December's Children – London LL.3451. It reached No.4 in the charts.

29th October

Stones commenced their fourth US Tour – tour to 5th December 1965.

22nd October

Release of Stones' 8th UK single - Get Off Of My Cloud b/w The Singer Not The Song - Decca F.12263.

25th September

Release of Stones' 8th US single – Get Off Of My Cloud b/w I'm Free - London 45-LON.9792. Went to No.1.
First night of the Stones UK Tour supported by The Spencer Davis Band – tour to 17th October 1965.

24th September

Tom Keylock drove Stones for first time.

21st September

A group called The Stone Brothers from West Country, England claimed they registered the name 'The Rolling Stones' under the Companies Act in November 1957.

15th September

Stones performed at the Waldbuhne Halle, West Berlin, West Germany. After the show fans damage the town and 17 coaches of a West Berlin train.

14th September

Brian met Anita Pallenberg in West Germany and they began their relationship.

11th September

Stones flew to Dusseldorf, West Germany for European Tour. 5,000 waiting fans rioted. Police used water cannons to control them.

3rd September

Stones flew to Dublin for Irish Tour and were filmed for Charlie Is My Darling documentary.

28th August

Brian Jones voted 'Most Handsome Man In Pop' by Record Mirror readers.

1st August

Stones played London Palladium (two shows) – Bill played the Vox 'Wyman Bass' for first time.

30th July

Release of Stones' third UK Album – Out Of Our Heads on Decca LK.4725. Went to No.1 in the charts.
Was Stones' fourth US Album on London LL.3429.

29th July

Stones, Oldham and Allen Klein signed new deal with Decca Records. Also signed deal with Klein – against Bill’s wishes.

26th July

Stones met with Allen Klein for the first time at the Hilton Hotel, London.

22nd July

Court Case: Bill, Mick & Brian accused of insulting behaviour at a Stratford garage, London on 18th March 1965. They were all found guilty and fined.

11th July

Andrew Oldham met Allan Klein and asked him to represent him in the future.

30th June

Glasgow Magistrate called Stones: "morons and animals" in court.

23rd June

Stones flew to Norway for second Scandinavian Tour. Four thousand riot at Oslo Airport. Police use water cannons to control the crowd.

11th June

Release of Stones third UK EP - Got Live If You Want It. Decca DFE.8620.

5th June

Release of Stones' 7th US single - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction b/w The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man – London 45-LON.9766. Went to No.1 in the charts.
Released as the 7th UK single in UK on Decca F.12220 on 20th August 1965. Went to No.1 in the UK charts and went to No.1 in 38 countries.