21st April

Bill and family were stuck in Greece on holiday when the military successfully overthrew King Constantine.

17th April

Show: Panathinaikos Football Stadium, Athens, Greece – last night of European Tour.

15th March

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg began their relationship.
Anita left Brian

22nd January

The Rolling Stones commenced first Australia and New Zealand tour with Roy Orbison.

24th December

Bill, Astrid and Stephen flew to Sweden for Christmas holiday.

18th December

Court Case: Mick and Marianne attended Marlborough Street Magistrates' Court and pleaded 'Not Guilty' to possessing cannabis resin. Case adjourned until 26th January 1970.

16th December

Marianne and son Nicholas returned from Rome and re-join Mick.

8th December

Anita was ordered to leave England by Home Office.

6th December

Stones Free Concert at Altamont Speedway, Livermore, California.

5th December

Release of Stones' 10th UK album - Let It Bleed – Decca SKL.5025.

2nd December

Stones recording in Muscle Shoals until 4th December 1969.

29th November

Release of Stones' 14th US album - Let It Bleed - London NPS.4.

28th November

Release of Stones UK promotional album – The Promotional Album - Decca RSD.1 (200 copies only).


Marianne Faithfull and son Nicholas were living with Mario Schifano in Rome.

7th November

Stones commenced US Tour – toured to 30th November 1969.

10th October

Bill's divorce from Diane Cory was made absolute.

7th October

It was rumoured that the Stones were playing on the roof of a building overlooking the Berlin Wall in East Berlin. A riot erupted and 50 youths were arrested by police.

30th September

Bill and Charlie recording with Leon Russell at Olympic Studios, and again on 1st October 1969.

13th September

Release of Stones' 13th US album - Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2) - London NPS.3 (Hexagonal Cover).

12th September

Release of Stones' 9th UK album - Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2) - Decca SKL.5019
Mick Jagger flew into London from Australia.
Marianne Faithfull flew into London from Switzerland.

2nd September

TV Film: Granada TV's The Stones In The Park (Taped 5th July 1969)

31st August

Keith and Charlie attended the Isle of Wight Festival of Music.

30th August

Keith and entourage attended the Isle of Wight Festival of Music.

19th August

Mick injured his hand on the film set of Ned Kelly.

17th August

Marianne flew to Switzerland and continued treatment at the Sanatorium Bellevue AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

10th August

Anita and Keith's son Marlon was born at Kings College Hospital, Dulwich, London.

6th August

Marianne was discharged from Mount St Margaret Hospital in Sydney and joined Mick.

14th July

Marianne out of her coma in a hospital in Sydney.

12th July

Anita announced she was pregnant with Keith's baby.

10th July

Mick commenced filming Ned Kelly in Australia.
Brian's funeral in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Bill and Charlie were the only Stones that attended, along with Astrid, Shirley and Stu.