3rd July

Brian and Suki Poitier checked into the Forest Mere Hydro Health Clinic in Liphook, Hants and then two days later moved to the Priory Nursing Home, Richmond, staying until 24th July 1967.


Bill composed In Another Land at the Keston house.

30th June

Court Case: There was a Court Hearing in the High Court of Criminal Appeal. Mick and Keith were granted bail until their appeals against their convictions were heard and they were released from jail.

29th June

Court Case: Mick & Keith attended the trial at the West Sussex Quarter Sessions, Chichester. Keith was found guilty and sentenced to 12 months in prison. Mick was sentenced to three months in prison. Mick was taken to Brixton Prison and Keith was sent to Wormwood Scrubs.

27th June

Court Case: Mick, Keith and Robert Fraser on trial at West Sussex Quarter Sessions, Chichester. Mick was found guilty and remanded to Lewes Prison overnight.

25th June

The Beatles pre-recorded a live satellite-TV Telecast Our World in London and performed All You Need Is Love, with Mick, Keith, & Brian in the audience (aired 6th July 1967).

16th June

Brian attended the three-day Monterey Pop Festival in California. He introduced Jimi Hendrix onstage.

2nd June

Court Case: Brian and Stash attended a Court Hearing at West London Magistrates Court, London, where they are accused of possessing marijuana, methedrine and cocaine.

10th May

Court Case: At Chichester, West Sussex, summonses were heard against Mick & Keith. Both pleaded not guilty and were released on £100 bail.
Brian and Prince Stanislas Klosswski de Rola (Stash) were arrested by the police at Brian’s flat in Courtfield Road, South Kensington. They were taken to Kensington Police Station and charged under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

13th April

Stones performed two shows at The Congress Hall, Palace Of Culture, Warsaw, Poland. Huge riots took place outside with running battles between fans and police.

25th March

Stones begin European Tour in Sweden – tour to 17th April 1967.

25th February

Stones' US single Ruby Tuesday reached No.1 in the charts.

12th February

Drug Bust: Police raid Keith's Redlands home in West Wittering, Sussex and charge him, Mick, Marianne, Robert Fraser and others with drug offences.

11th February

Release of Stones' 9th US album - Between The Buttons on London LL.3499.

5th February

News Of The World name Mick in drugs exposé.

22nd January

Stones appeared on Sunday Night At The London Palladium and Stones refused to go on Roundabout, causing enormous controversy.

20th January

Release of Stones' 6th UK album - Between The Buttons on Decca SKL.4852. Got to No.2 in charts.

14th January

Release of Stones' 14th US single - Let's Spend The Night Together b/w Ruby Tuesday - London 45-LON.904. Single banned by US radio stations and the Stones alter lyrics when playing the song on the Ed Sullivan TV Show. Ruby Tuesday got to No.1 in the charts.
Released as 12th UK single on Decca F.12546 on 20th January 1967. Got to No.2 in the UK charts.

18th December

Mick and Chrissie Shrimpton ended their relationship. Mick was seeing Marianne Faithfull.
Stones friend Tara Browne died in a car crash in London.

10th December

Release of Stones' 8th US album - Got Live If You Want It! – London LL.3493. Got to No.6 in the charts.

4th November

Release of Stones' 5th UK album - Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass) - Decca TXS.101. It got to No.3 in the charts.

23rd September

Release of Stones 11th UK single - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? b/w Who's Driving Your Plane. Decca F.12497.
Released as Stones' 13th US single on London 45-LON.903.
Opening night of Stones' UK Tour with support by Ike & Tina Turner and The Yardbirds – tour to 9th October 1966.

14th September

Stones employ Leslie Perrin to handle PR.

10th September

Photographer Jerry Schatzberg shoots Stones in drag on 3rd Avenue, New York.


Stones saw the unknown Jimi Hendrix performing in New York.

2nd July

Release of Stones' 7th US album – Aftermath – London PS.476. It got to No.2 in the charts.
Release of Stones' 12th US single - Mother's Little Helper b/w Lady Jane – London 45-LON.902. It got to No.4 in the charts.

23rd June

Stones flew to New York to commence their 5th US Tour – tour to 28th July 1966.

13th May

Release of Stones' 10th UK single - Paint It Black b/w Long Long While - Decca F.12395

7th May

Release of Stones' 11th US single - Paint It Black b/w Stupid Girl - London 45-LON.901

2nd May

Anita Pallenberg arrived in London and moved in with Brian.