31st August

Release of Stones' 19th US single - Street Fighting Man b/w No Expectations - London 45.909. It was banned by many US radio stations.


Decca and London Records refuse to release Beggars Banquet album with 'Graffiti' cover.


Barry Feinstein shot the 'toilet graffiti photo' in Los Angeles, for the cover of Beggars Banquet.


Brian and Suki viewed Cotchford Farm, Near Hartfield in Sussex. Brian decided to buy it and put in a bid.

23rd July

Keith received summons for driving offences and ordered to appear in court in Guildford on 12th August 1968.

11th June

Court Case: Brian at Marlborough Street Magistrates Court, London. He pleaded not guilty and was set for trial at the Inner London Sessions before a jury on 25th June 1968.

8th June

Photo session: Stones at Balcony Field, Swarkestone, Derby

7th June

Photo session: Stones at Sarum Chase, Hampstead, London.

4th June

Stones met with French film director Jean-Luc Godard at Olympic Studios and were filmed for the film One Plus One.

1st June

Release of Stones' 18th US single - Jumpin' Jack Flash b/w Child Of The Moon - London 45-LON.908.

24th May

Release of Stones' 14th UK single - Jumpin' Jack Flash b/w Child Of The Moon - Decca F.12782'. Went to No.1 in the charts.

21st May

Drug Bust: Brian was arrested by police at his flat above, taken to Marlborough Street Magistrates Court, London and charged with possessing cannabis.

12th May

Stones perform at NME Poll Winner's Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley.

27th April

Stones did promo videos of Jumpin' Jack Flash (different version) and Child Of The Moon in countryside.

20th April

Stones did promo video of Jumpin' Jack Flash (painted faces) at Olympic Studios, Barnes.

15th March

Recording session: Stones at Olympic Studios, London. First recording session with producer Jimmy Miller.

23rd December

Release of Stones' 17th US single - 2000 Light Years From Home b/w She's A Rainbow on London 45-LON.906. It got to No.10 in the charts.

12th December

Court Case: Brian attended his Appeal at the Law Courts, Chesham Street, London. The judges said he should receive medical treatment, and his sentence was set aside.

2nd December

Release of the Rolling Stones' 16th US single - In Another Land b/w The Lantern - London 45-LON.907. Got to No.64 in the charts.

8th December

Release of Stones' 7th UK album - Their Satanic Majesties Request – Decca TXS.103 (3D cover). Got to No.3 in the charts.
Release of Stones' 11th US album - em>Their Satanic Majesties Request - London NPS.2 (3-D cover). Got to No.2 in the charts.

31st October

Court Case: Brian at the High Court, London. Pending appeal, he was granted bail.

30th October

Court Case: Brian at Inner London Sessions, London. He pleaded guilty and was jailed for 9 months. He was taken to Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London.

13th September

Stones flew to New York and shot the Satanic Majesties 3D Album Cover with Michael Cooper over the course of three days.

2nd September

Release of Stones' 15th US single – Dandelion b/w We Love You on London 45-LON.905. Got to No.50 in the charts.


Andrew Oldham severed all ties with the Stones.

25th August

Mick and Marianne, together with the Beatles, attended the Maharishi's conference in a Teachers' Training College in Bangor, North Wales.

18th August

Release of Stones' 13th UK single - We Love You b/w Dandelion - Decca F.12654. Got to No.4 in the charts.

31st July

Court Case: Mick and Keith attended a Hearing in the High Court of Appeal, where Keith's appeal was upheld, and Mick received a Conditional Discharge.

15th July

Released of Stones' 10th US album Flowers on London LL.3509. It got to No.3 in the charts.

13th July

Recording session: Bill and Charlie at Olympic Studios, cut In Another Land without others.