Bill’s free track of the week is the excellent title track from the album Anyway The Wind Blows – listen in full for free!

If you want a prime example of Bill’s ability to bring together a host of musical greats, look no further than the Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings album Anyway The Wind Blows.

Q Magazine summed up the treasure trove of musical talent for an album that features the regular Rhythm Kings line up plus ”a dream team of musicians of the calibre of Eric Clapton, Chris Rea, Albert Lee, Georgie Fame, Andy Fairweather Low and Mick Taylor. This follow-up consists of ’30s and ’40s blues/jazz standards and Wyman’s pastiche originals. With no corners cut in production or performance, delivery is immaculate. There’s not a duff track on the album.” – (**** Q Magazine).

The result is a delicious blend of blues, jazz, R&B and rock that will transport you to a land where it’s always two in the morning, and where the air is thick with cigarette smoke and the heady mix of bourbon and perfume. This is a master class of musicianship, blues arrangements and emotion. Of course if you ask Bill Wyman he’ll just give a small wry small and say “Nah, it’s just a few mates having a good time.”

Listen to the title track Anyway The Wind Blows below.