Bill’s track of the week is the full version of Daydream (Gary Brooker / Rhythm Kings) from 2000 – enjoy the song!

This week sit back, relax and listen to Daydream – Bill’s track of the week taken from the Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings album Groovin’.

Groovin’ is a musical recipe that is simply mouth-watering – blend together the creme de la creme of British musicianship, pour them over some of the greatest songs of the last 30 years, sprinkle in some new compositions organically-grown on the Wyman estate and the result is deliciously irresistible. You might call it ‘the cordon blues’.

Groovin’ gives you the blues the way they are meant to be played, with honesty, heart and outstanding musicianship. Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings are the best. But would you except Bill Wyman to offer us anything less?

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