Out now! Bill releases first solo album in 33 years – ‘Back To Basics’

Bill’s first solo album in 33 years – Back To Basics – has gone on sale, available from iTunes, Amazon and Proper Records.

Back To Basics does exactly what it says on the tin. It is unashamedly stripped back. The snappy lyrics are refreshingly audible and the instrumentation is clean, subtle and accomplished.

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Back To Basics wears its influences on its sleeve – Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, JJ Cale – and there’s more than a passing nod to Bill’s own English background. It is that rare thing, a meld of styles and genres that actually work together – uplifting in a jaunty, dancey way and pensive in a bluesy, narrative way.


As might be expected from one of the world’s best known bass players Back To Basics drives along with a rhythmic muscularity, and then slows the pace for more autobiographical lyric and melody. It is an album that warrants repeated play. It is also an album that’s long overdue.

Bill Wyman’s last solo UK album, ‘Bill Wyman’, was released in 1982. Back To Basics comprises only his fourth ever UK solo release. But Bill has not been idle of course. 31 years in the Rolling Stones, author of seven learned books, globally exhibited photographer, metal detecting expert with his own brand of metal detector, producer, composer for film and TV and founder of the very successful Rhythm Kings’, who still release CD’s and tour regularly – he has had a pretty full calendar. It was only when archiving old demos last year he realised he had around 60 songs he’d never released.

He chose three songs that needed reworking and did just that. He put them together with a bunch of brand new songs and went into his studio to record them. The CD comprises 12 tracks in total, eight of which are brand new songs. Musicians joining Bill in the studio include long time collaborator/guitarist Terry Taylor, Guy Fletcher (Mark Knopfler), Graham Broad and Robbie McIntosh, while co-production credit goes to Andy Wright (Jeff Beck, Eurythmics, Simply Red).

On Bill Wyman’s Back To Basics you get music that’s the real deal… and you’re all the better for it.

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  1. This is a release I have been hoping for for 3 decades! Bill’s 4 solo albums (thankfully released some years ago in expanded editions) have always been among my favorites of records in my “stones-collection”, and with all his other music (the Green Ice soundtrack, the music for 2 Dario Argento films, the orchestral pieces for Digital Day)Dreams and the Chagall suite and of course the Rhythm Kings, the catalog of his work is so enormously diverse and all of it very beautiful and interesting (and then I haven’t even mentioned the wealth of books he wrote, with the Bill Wyman Scrapbook being the icing on the cake). To have a new solo-album coming up is something I am looking forward to no end, and I can only hope that the rest of the 60 songs Bill found recently will be released some day in the near future as well!
    Ordered my signed copy immediately!
    Keep up the superb work, Bill! And thanks for everything!

  2. Bill never let us down. This time he will suprice us. Go for it !!

    • “suprice?” Vas ist?

  3. Hi,
    Will the album be released as an vinyl LP as well ?
    This is really good news for us fans of Bill Wyman.

  4. First saw you in detroit in 1966. I have all you recordings. I look forward too your new one.

  5. Great. I can’t wait.

  6. Hey…fantastic …look forward to it …..

  7. Hi Bill! Huge Stonesfan since the early 80´s… Just want to say that “What & how…” sounds great! Modern but with your rock and blues roots. The only soloalbums from the members of the Stones that I can enjoy is yours and Ronnies, you guys still deliver. Just like Tom Jones and a FEW other guys, age doesn´t seem to affect your performance, I´m glad for it and I hope that you continue to release more solo stuff in the future as well. Love your books too, by the way!

    Rock on!

    Bye from Sweden

  8. The single sounds great, can’t wait for the rest of the album. Any chance of some more Rhythm kings gigs in the UK this year?

  9. Fathers day gift from my daughter .Brilliant Bill Its never over!!

  10. I can’t fathom it out…..music brilliant but the rhyming lyrics are not to my taste! Perhaps I’m missing something! One or two very catchy tracks, like the signed cover!

  11. Has it been 33 yrs?? Let’s not forget Bill’s Japanese import “Stuff”. Any way much too long. Happy and can not wait for this new material. Maybe a mini tour to follow. Just need to think of a alternative way to get him over the Atlantic. Cheers

  12. Got the cd a couple of days ago.It’s great,better than I’d hoped. Got Rhythm Kings and early solo stuff. Wyman inspired me to play Bass. The music/song structure is great,New Orleans influence,and later Spanish/Mexican….lyrics ironic,funny,honest .Like the sublety of the lyrics.Thank you, Mr. Wyman! Trying to order Wyman Bass from Bass Centre. Love how you changed from pick to thumb for the Rhythm Kings for that upright feel.Great new album. Thank you!

  13. Bill and Charlie were the heartbeat of the Stones and Bill now produces great solo music – a charming, honest, straight-talking guy – arise, Sir Bill!

  14. Didn’t know you had so many talents Bill. Been listenin’ to you since I was 12. I’ve been playing Bass for 51 yrs. and you still amaze me. Real bass players know that you play the right notes at the right time. You got a natural knack for knowing what sounds good. Simple and amazing. Jazz bassists just can’t do what you do.

  15. Excellent album,don’t wait 33 years for the next one!!

  16. Hi Bill,
    ordered my copy today. I hope for a vinyl-release and I hope to see you well again in Düsseldorf at Savoy Theater on stage and after the concert.


  17. Thank You, Bill! This is great. Thank you so much. Hello from Russia,Saratov!

  18. Superb really ! I have bought five copies to give friends ! Well Done Bill

  19. Well done Dear Bill with your new solo album. I like it!

    I hope to see you soon on stage, somewhere in France.

    I was first row at your concert in Chaulnes last November and my satisfaction was at the top of the top.

    All the best…


  20. I will wait for a release on vinyl. I hope there will be one.


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