Thanks to our friends at Proper Records, you can listen to Bill’s brand new album Back To Basics as a sneak peak right here!

Back To Basics is wonderfully stripped back, with snappy lyrics that are refreshingly audible and the instrumentation that is clean, subtle and accomplished.

Back To Basics is on sale now on Proper Records.

Order the exclusive autographed edition of Back To Basics – signed personally by Bill himself for just £10.49 (while stocks last).

Back To Basics wears its influences on its sleeve – Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, JJ Cale – and there’s more than a passing nod to Bill’s own English background. It is that rare thing, a meld of styles and genres that actually work together – uplifting in a jaunty, dancey way and pensive in a bluesy, narrative way.

Can’t wait – listen to the album right now using the SoundCloud control below!

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Buy the exclusive signed edition from Proper Music.

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