Bill’s fossil finds gallery

Bill is a noted metal detectorist, having unearthed a number of finds. And, he’s also discovered a number of fossils on his travels.

Bill has been detecting for years – and he even has his own Signature Metal Detector, which he designed to be especially appealing to newcomers and children looking to get involved with metal detecting.

While out looking for Roman coins and other ancient artefacts, Bill has also spotted and collected a number of fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years. Fossils discovered by Bill include sea urchins, seashells, belemnites, sponges and even starfish fossils.

Bill says he spotted them while out detecting, and has built up a collection over the years. You can view the gallery of Bill’s fossil finds below:

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  1. Hello, fellow fossil hunters, I always walk the Beach at Wide Lagoon at Shoreham, the stuff I find and I always find something , they top up the shingle from Quarries afar away so, tools sea creatures are there for the finding, I found a lovely crushed little Echnoid last week, which has been worked upon by I think, Nathrandral Folk, can’t explain it any other way, can I post photo on site?, thank you all, Terry.


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