Green Ice is the soundtrack to the 1981 United Kingdom science fiction film Green Ice starring Ryan O’Neal. This rare recording shows Bill stretch his musical muscle and venture into the world of composing cinematic scores.  Featured musicians alongside Bill include Terry Taylor, Dave Mattacks and Ray Cooper.

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  1. Si Si
  2. Beach Chase
  3. Holbrooks House (Green Ice Theme)
  4. Floating (Cloudhopper Theme)
  5. Emerald Guitars
  6.  Emerald Vault
  7. The Water Bottle
  8. Noche de Amor
  9. Columbia (Green Ice Opening Title)
  10. Tenderness
  11. Showdown
  12. Cloudhoppers
  13. Churchyard (Green Ice Theme)
  14. The Mines
  15. Sol Y Sombra
  16. Miami Arrival
  17. Emerald Waltz
  18. Si Si – Reprise
RELEASE DATE: May 01, 1981
Cat No. RIPCD107
New, unsealed CD
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