Watch Bill Wyman explain how he joined the Rolling Stones in 1962 in this exclusive clip from his latest film The Quiet One.

Bill has appeared in an exclusive clip from his documentary The Quiet One in Rolling Stone magazine, detailing how he joined the Rolling Stones in 1962.

The clip appears on the Rolling Stone web site and shows Bill explaining that fateful night on December 7, 1962, when the then 26-year-old Bill auditioned for the Rolling Stones in the Wetherby Arms pub in Chelsea.

Bill says that initially, the band weren’t sure he was the right man for the job – his taste in music was more blues than rock and roll – but the lure of Bill’s Vox AC30 bass amp and Watkins Westminster amp helped seal the deal. That night lead to 28 years with the band and forms a large part of The Quiet One documentary.

Watch the clip of Bill talking about the night he joined the Rolling Stones below: