Bill was a special guest at the Worldwebforum 2019 with a 30-minute on-stage interview – watch the full video here.

Bill appeared on stage as part of Worldwebforum 2019, an event that explores radical change, technology and leadership in the digital age. With over 1,500 attendees and over 500,000 live streams, Worldwebforum is seen as one of the premier events in the world that explores how society is evolving in the 21st century.

Held in Zurich, Bill appeared on stage to discuss his life and career, including how the Rolling Stones changed from its early days. In the humourous interview, Bill answers questions about his early life growing up, his time with the Rolling Stones including playing a concert in Warsaw in 1967 and then playing Zurich.

Bill also discusses why he collects things, and his favourite music from the 1930s, to how the Rolling Stones played large stadiums. Bill also explains how he invented the fretless bass in 1961 without knowing it. He says he didn’t like the sound of frets and wanted to make a smooth, different sound.

The entire video is available to watch below: