Variety magazine has published an interview with Bill, talking about his new film The Quiet One and spending time in the South of France.

Bill has been quietly promoting his up-coming film The Quiet One with a few select interviews. Variety recently sat down with Bill, where he was promoting The Quiet One in Cannes, and also discussed his South of France home and why he spends time there.

In the Variety interview, Bill provides a fascinating glimpse into the up-coming film:

But though “self-effacing” is the term that often pops up when describing Wyman’s personality both as bass player and conversationalist, it’s clear that “Quiet” is a chance for the 81 year-old Wyman to lay down the fact that he had a life before the Stones, nearly three decades with the band, and nearly three decades living outside the band again. “The best thing about working on the documentary was reliving the nice times,” notes Wyman. “The worst was getting emotional at times.” And not surprising for a fellow who loves art and making it, Wyman found “the most surprising thing was watching scenes come to fruition. There are definite divisions in time in my very unusual life – which will be apparent when the film is finished.”

Read the full Bill Wyman interview in Variety.

Interview text by Steven Gaydos.

Image courtesy of Submarine Entertainment.