Fancy listening to some of Bill’s most popular songs? Head over to Spotify where Bill has launched his official Spotify page, complete with songs and information.

Spotify is a great way to listen to and discover great music – and with millions of users around the world, it’s one of the most popular ways to stream music. Spotify works across computers, mobile phones and even video games consoles. You can listen for free, or pay for a subscription to removes advertising.

Bill has launched his own, official page on Spotify where you can listen to tracks, read Bill’s bio, and discover more music. Since Bill set up the page, it now has over 21,000 monthly listeners and over 6,000 followers.

Head over to Spotify, and listen to Bill’s albums including Stone Alone, Stuff and Back To Basics.

Join Bill Wyman on Spotify – and make sure you follow Bill as well to get the latest updates.

Bill Wyman’s official Spotify page.