Bill’s track of the week – personally selected by Bill himself – is the wonderful I Can’t Dance taken from the Bill Wyman’s Rhythm King’s album Double Bill.

Perfect for a summer gathering no matter your foot shuffling ability, I Can’t Dance features the vocal talents on the one-and-only Mr Georgie Fame and appeared in the Rhythm King’s album Double Bill.

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Double Bill features star-studded performances from some of the greatest artists in contemporary music, including: Albert Lee, Gary Brooker, Martin Taylor, Ray Cooper, Andy Fairweather Low, Georgie Fame, Chris Rea, George Harrison and on vocals the velvet voice of Miss Beverley Skeete. And, of course, Bill Wyman – the mastermind behind the album together with his writing and producing partner Terry ‘Tex’ Taylor.

The Rhythm Kings album contains six new compositions, as well as some old favourites including the classic, Love Letters, which was released as a CD single on 30th April 2001 and featured one of George Harrison’s last performances before his tragic and untimely passing.

“The whole idea behind the band was to play music that we love, and I think you can hear and feel that on our records. It’s also great to work with people I’ve known for many years. I hope that when you listen to Double Bill you will feel the rapport that we have,” says Bill Wyman.

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