Keith Richards in 80th birthday video tribute to Bill

The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has paid tribute to Bill Wyman’s bass playing talent as part of Bill’s 80th birthday celebrations.

The video – part of the ‘Ask Keith’ series – posed the question: “Bill Wyman is turning 80 this year. Can you give us your thoughts on his bass playing?”.

Keith pays tribute to Bill, calling him “an incredible bass player” and expresses how amazed he is by Bill’s “tastefulness” when it comes to playing bass.

Keith also talks about how they both worked on songs together, with Keith praising Bill’s ability to put in amazing bass behind it.

You can watch the full video here:


  1. Who can put it better than “The Human Riff” himself!

  2. I don’t know why Bill left, and I guess it doesn’t matter, but he is the best bass player i’ve heard. And I’ve heard a few great ones up close. Stones have always ruled rock and roll.

  3. That’s the first and only comment I ever heard any fellow Stone make regarding Bill’s musicianship, let alone complimentary. For his part, Mick Jagger gave Bill faint praise at best when Bill left the band, noting that he at least didn’t have to tell replacement bassist Darryl Jones what to play for a new track that the band was working on. I’m unsure if Keith is being honest or simply gracious here. As for me, I think Bill was very good and particularly for The Stones’ band, and Bill also contributed in other ways and was a great team player not to mention the band’s unoffiical historian. Bill also invented the “Jumping Jack Flash” main riff and wasn’t properly credited in many cases. And no other bassist that I ever saw ever held or picked a bass they way that Bill did.

  4. Bill is the greatest. Inspired me to play bass!

  5. Bill always could capture that Stones sound feel ,,,,,could play and adapt to the music quite naturally. Ive done a study on a few Stones songs,,,,Wild horses is progressive in a subtle way and has a fitting bass solo under the guitar solo ,,,,,melodic ,,,Angie,,,mostly pentatonic slide and riffs….so yeah,I did learn alot from his playing style for bass.if you learn the basics,the songs come together and are Fun to play!Thanks Bill!

  6. The Stones have never sounded like the Stones after Bill left


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