Bill Wyman launched his Signature bass – and not only has it been getting rave reviews, but we have an exclusive photo of Bill playing his Signature bass during a performance.

Bill’s fantastic Bill Wyman Signature bass authentically captures the spirit of Bill’s homemade fretless bass. The result – the Bill Wyman Signature bass – follows a huge amount of research and development, and features a short-scale neck and Bill’s own unique headstock design.

Bill has even used it in his own performances – as seen in the photo below:



Find out more about Bill Wyman’s Signature Bass – and you can buy your own edition from The Bass Centre.

The unique bass, which captures the essence of Bill’s musical style, has also been attracting positive reviews from critics and users.

Musicradar – the UK’s number one site for musicians – rated the bass 4/5, revealing that: “Wyman still uses his unique original but this fretted replica has more universal appeal. It retains the look and general sound but is far more appropriate for today’s players.”

Buyers also love Bill’s Signature bass – with loads of positive fan reviews at the Bass Centre.

Adam says: Buy into the Wyman legend – You will not be disappointed!

As a lifelong Stones and Bill Wyman fan, I had high expectations for the quality of the bass and an eagerness to own a bass associated with the man who drove me to pick up the instrument.

When I tried the bass out, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. The compact design along with a mixture of clear and vintage sounds makes this a pleasure to play. I have yet to play a bass with a nicer neck than this. You really feel like you’ve got the ‘moves like Wyman’ with it. I strongly recommend this bass.

Francis wrote: Good for me…

Nice wee bass, short and easy to play (if you have short fingers like I have). The neck is great, the sound is nice. Easy to carry around too. I had to wait a while due to its success before I got it, but contact with the Bass Centre was good.

Find out more about the Bill Wyman Signature bass.