Bill Wyman Signature bass

Bill Wyman has debuted his astonishing Bill Wyman Signature bass that faithfully captures the spirit of Bill’s homemade fretless bass. The result – the Bill Wyman Signature bass – follows months of R&D, and has a short-scale neck and features Bill’s own unique headstock design.

The Bass Centre’s Barry Moorhouse originally approached Bass legend Bill Wyman in 2010 reference the possibility of producing a Bill Wyman Signature bass under the ‘Bass Centre’ brand label.


Originally Moorhouse suggested a design shadowing the ‘Fender Mustang’ Bass – an instrument loosely associated with Bill during his career. However Bill wanted his Signature model to reflect Bill’s own unique ‘custom-made’ Bass which he’d used to great effect during 100’s of live shows and recordings throughout his tenure in the Rolling Stones, including the ‘Exile On Main Street’ sessions.

With this as a starting point, Barry Moorhouse and long-time Bass Centre guitar technician Chris Ward paid a visit to Bill’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ restaurant in Kensington, with tools and tapes abundant, to faithfully record the specifications and sizes of the original Wyman Bass, which now resides in a glass case on the restaurant’s wall.

In 1961 Bill custom made his own home made fretless Bass and the brief was to produce a Bass ‘similar in spirit’ to the original instrument.

Fast forward and, after a couple of prototypes, and months of R&D, the new ‘Wyman’ Bass comes into production in Spring 2011.

The new instrument boasts a lightweight, custom shaped Alder body, finished in black (a la Henry Ford) with one-piece crimson scratchplate. The tone is supplied by a pair of ‘Baldwin’ type pick-ups hooked up to a classic passive tone and volume circuit. The ‘Wyman Bass’ has a short-scale neck, topped with a fretted rosewood fingerboard and features Bill’s own unique headstock design.

Tuners are 2-a-side Gotoh style and the Bass is strung with Elites flatwounds which all contribute to a stunning feel with a fast, low action.

The ‘Wyman Bass’ has an RRP of £595 including a custom padded gig bag.

Available through all good music stores and exclusively worldwide via:

House Music in the UK Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 7357 7703

For more details visit the Bass Centre online


  1. I have always seen pictures of Bill with that little home made bass of his. I thought it was really cool. Like him I have small hands and always use short scale basses. I must get one of these. I’m so glad Bass Centre has introduced this classic instrument.

  2. I’m an old novice bassman that is a sucker for the old mudbucker sound because it really brings out that raw blues sound. I always liked your bass lines in the first Rolling Stones albums and wondered if you had a preference of pickups when playing old blues music? I liked you bass on “Love In Vain” since the Robert Johnson recordings never had back round musicians.

  3. Bill,

    I recently found an interview with you in Vintage Guitar magazine where you discuss using an 18″ speaker, getting acoustic bass tones on an electric, and the role of the bass in ensemble music, among other things.

    It is interesting to see this short-scale neck and you’ve tracked with other short-scale basses. How do you think scale length (and pick-up placement for that matter) play into the equation when holding down the low end?

    Durham, NC

  4. I don’t understand why Bass Centre did not make the Wyman bass fretless. That is the key to its tone and historic importance.

  5. I guess as a fretted bass will notch up more sales than a fretless bass and so brings in more bigger bucks !!!! But I thought exactly as you did and was hoping it would be fretless model……Bill is a true pioneer in every field and has such an expansive mind…regards Roy

  6. I wish you did it in Left Handed. Nice Bass

  7. Happy birthday Mr Bill, you are my model for the rest off my life !! I’ m
    juste a french modest bassman, but it’s your style to play that I do it, from 1973. Sorry for my English, tank you for that you are. Christian.

  8. nice bass, designed by a bassist of such calibre. it rocks…


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