Popular music web site Renowned For Sound has reviewed Bill’s Back To Basics album, calling it ‘a contagious and playful combination that is sure to follow you around for the rest of the day’.

The Renowned For Sound review of Back To Basics is full of praise for the ‘totally stripped back’ album, rating it 4/5 stars.

The interview reads:

When Bill Wyman left his post as bassist for the Rolling Stones in 1993 after thirty years, it wasn’t a departure from the musical world. He’s been recording and touring with his band the Rhythm Kings since then, but now is releasing a new solo album; the first UK release under his own name in thirty three years! Back To Basics is aptly named, as it is totally stripped back, while touching on the easy-going feeling that the Rhythm Kings give off. Its strength is in its unashamed simplicity.

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