Bill has given an in-depth interview with Clash Music, talking about his new album and the role of music in his life today.

The interview at Clash Music – titled ‘Basically, Bill Wyman‘ – sees Bill talk to the music magazine and web site about the inspiration for his new solo album Back To Basics.

The interview sees Bill delve into his musical career, as well as talk about his life in the years since The Rolling Stones and his thoughts on the music industry today.

The interview says:

Since officially leaving The Rolling Stones in 1993, Bill has largely hung up his bass in favour of many varied pursuits outside of music (as he shall explain), with the exception of performing and touring with his blues collective, The Rhythm Kings. A flash of inspiration from recently unearthed demos, however, impelled him to revive his solo offerings.

‘Back To Basics’ suits the 78-year-old well. Inspired by the stark simplicity of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and JJ Cale, his fourth album presents 12 stripped-back songs that fuse blues, rock and roll, and R&B; a combination of newly-written songs, those that evolved from the rediscovered demos, and a handful mined and reworked from Bill’s own back catalogue. Each pushes his deep, gruff voice to the fore, his distinctly English tone injecting an idiosyncratic theme to proceedings.

Clash sat with Bill in his West London Stones-themed restaurant, Sticky Fingers, to discuss his return to recording, his model ex-girlfriends, and his OCD tendencies.

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