Bill is the focus of a new interview in Photography Monthly magazine, chatting about his passion for photography and inspirations.

The interview is in the July issue of Photography Monthly – and you can also read it online for the full inside scoop on Bill’s photographic history, influences, and the camera equipment that Bill uses for his photos.

The interview also delves into how Bill discovered his passion for photography:

“My uncle gave me his old brownie box camera as a child and I just went around taking pictures of buildings and things like that, not people. I was interested in objects – I always have been, that’s why I’m interested in archaeology. I’ve got loads of celebrity photos, but they’re not my favourite. When I do photograph people I try to catch them not being aware of the camera; you get more natural shots, you know.” He points out a flamboyant image of Brian Jones, “He was the first rock and roll star to wear jewellery and hats and things… oh yeah, he created the precedent.”

You can read the rest of the interview at Photography Monthly, where Bill also talks about the Bill Wyman Scrapbook and the photos that appear in this exclusive collector’s edition.