Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings are set to embark on their 2013 UK tour – performing 26 gigs across the country in October and November – and you can listen to Bill chat about the concerts in a series of radio interviews.

As part of Bill’s preparation for his up-coming tour with the Rhythm Kings, Bill was interviewed on a range of radio shows across the UK – and we’ve managed to bag a few exclusive recordings of the interviews. Bill talks about a range of topics – from Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and the 2013 tour, to his time with the Rolling Stones and his love of music.

BBC Radio 6 interview

Bill appeared on both BBC Radio 6 and BBC radio 2 to talk about his music and touring – appearing on the BBC Radio 6 Music Breakfast Show, the BBC Radio 6 Music Radcliffe and Maconie Show, and on BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce show. In case you missed it, you can listen to the recording of the interview below, which originally took place on September 17.

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Metro FM radio interview

Bill gave an interview with Metro FM on October 1 as part of a packed media diary to talk about the UK tour 2013 during a morning slot. The interview kicked off at 11am, and is repeated here in case you missed it.

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Preston FM radio interview

Bill gave an interview with Preston on October 1 to showcase the upcoming concerts in the North East of England, with a 15 minute slot at 3pm.

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Forest Express FM interview

Bill appeared during the morning of both Forest FM and Express FM on October 7 at 10am, landing a 15 minute slot to chat about music and the Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings tour for 2013.

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