Culture Compass has carried an exclusive interview with Bill Wyman, which includes a series of fantastic images from Bill’s photographic archive, and chart’s Bill’s life from his time as a boy growing up in London.

Bill was interviewed by Culture Compass as part of the celebration at the release of the Bill Wyman Scrapbook – Legacy Edition – that is a giant, collector’s edition tome that is packed with images, thoughts and candid reflections on Bill’s fifty year career and his time before and during the Rolling Stones.

You can read the full inteview at Culture Compass, which says:

Sometimes, the truth is staring you in the face. This is what I found myself thinking as I sat with Bill Wyman, the Rolling Stones former bass player, flicking through his recently published Scrapbook, a giant coffee table tome that charts his life from birth in 1936 up to the present day.

For Wyman has had a unique, some might say enviable life, but he remains wide-eyed at the fame that he’s attained; the riches that he’s amassed; the legends he’s counted as friends.

The full interview is available at Culture Compass.