Bill Wyman has been featured is a huge question-and-answer interview with Rolling Stone magazine, talking about his new Bill Wyman Scrapbook and thoughts about his life after the Rolling Stones.

Since Bill Wyman left the Rolling Stones in 1991, the bassist has released several books, devoted time to his London burger-and-steak joint Sticky Fingers, held photo exhibitions, toured and released new music with his band the Rhythm Kings and even patented his own metal detector.

“I’ve always been very fortunate that, whenever I put my hand to something, something amazing happens,” Wyman tells Rolling Stone.

“I meet incredible people and I go off on these fantastic tangents with other projects and it’s so exciting. It’s much better than just playing rock & roll all your life.”

Wyman, an obsessive archivist, has just released Bill Wyman’s Scrapbook, a massive, limited-edition coffee-table book with images ranging from his London childhood to his final full show with the band at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1990.

Stones images include early live photos, recording You Can’t Always Get What You Want with a full choir and partying with David Bowie in 1975. Bill spoke to Rolling Stone about the new book, his many other artistic and scientific interests and why reuniting with the Stones in December in London wasn’t much fun.

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