Bill Wyman is to exhibit his photographic collection in London – alongside original artwork that are reworkings of his original photography. Artists include Gerald Scarfe, Penny, Dale Marshall, James Mylne and Pam Glew.

The exhibition – called ‘Bill Wyman – Reworked’ – will be hosted at the Rook & Raven Gallery in London, with the exhibition running from February 27 through to March 31.

Public opening: February 27, 2013

Location: Rook & Raven Gallery, 7 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HN


Phone: 0207 323 0805

Although Bill Wyman is known worldwide as a founding member of the Rolling Stones, his love of photography pre-dates and transcends even his musical career. Over the past 50 years, Bill has built an epic archive of images, instinctively capturing his bandmates’, friends and inner circle at ease, offering an intimate perspective of life on the road. Often poignant, playful, natural and un-posed – almost as if these images weren’t intended to be viewed by outsiders – one gets a sense that you are party to a private conversation, a warm moment between friends, or perusing a collection of personal family photographs …. whereas they actually offer a unique insight into the life of the biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in history.

However intimate and documenting these works are, Wyman’s artistic side is shown, conversely, through his beautiful landscape shots, where arresting stills of natural settings under soft focus, wildlife and opaque panoramas, are both sparse and sensitive, conveying Wyman’s sensibility as a photographer with a keen eye for the beauty of nature. Now, for the first time in his career, and in conjunction with Rook & Raven Gallery, Wyman has allowed a select group of artists to rework some of his most significant images, where each artist will reshape the original photograph using their favoured medium.

Gerald Scarfe is an illustrator, famous for his work with Pink Floyd – in particular, the legendary album The Wall (1979). Scarfe has also worked as a satirical cartoonist for several major newspapers and magazines, as well as a conceptual character artist for Disney.

Dale Marshall has emerged from the Bristol graffiti scene as an acclaimed fine artist, whose signature landscapes are riddled with trauma, deep in impasto, and always hoping to signal an emotive response from his ever-increasing list of international admirers.

Penny is a mutlidisciplinary artist from London who has amassed a huge cult following to due his fine stencil work and innovative concepts involving currency and real butterflies. Now highly coveted, and with a growing number of esteemed collectors, Penny has garnered a repuation as an artist to watch.

Pam Glew has become synonymous with alternative portraits and flag paintings, where she deconstructs and distresses vintage materials to create work that is unique in style and execution, with frequent reference to the ‘golden age’ of celebrity, earning both commercial success and impressive auction results.

James Mylne has built an incredible reputation as a talented illustrator, working predominantly with ballpoint pens, producing photorealistic drawings of icons and screen legends with elaborate detail. His work has recently received mass media attention, featuring in numerous press and television articles worldwide.

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