Bill Wyman attended the opening of his Bill Wyman – Reworked exhibition at the Rook & Raven gallery on February 26, joined by friends and celebrities to explore his photography and reworked images.

The launch of Bill Wyman – Reworked at London’s Rook & Raven gallery turned out to be a star-studded evening of vintage photographs coupled with modern interpretations.

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The opening was an intemperate success, according to the gallery, and featured a selection of the gallery’s own artists on display alongside photographs of landscapes and legends, taken by Bill and attended by the gifted and glamorous.

There is a selection of Bill Wyman originals and reworks available to purchase through the Rook & Raven online shop.

Image credit: Amy Parton at Raccoon Photography, photo shows Bill and Pam Glew with Mick on Bus reworked