Wal MB4 Custom MIDI Bass

1989 Wal MB4 Custom Series MIDI bass, serial number W3213.

The Wal MB4 was a relatively short-lived collaboration between Electric Wood, the manufacturer of Wal basses, and Australian bass player/designer Steve Chick.

Recording engineer Chris Potter, who worked on the Steel Wheels LP, described the Rolling Stones studio gear, remembering a new Wal MIDI bass that Wyman had for the sessions: “On ‘Almost Hear You Sigh,’ Bill used his Wal bass with a combination of DI and FET 47 mikes in front of a small Ampeg B15 Porta-flex bass amplifier placed in the stall next to Charlie [Watts]; this typified his setup for the duration of the session.”

This bass was also on the road for the Rolling Stones 1989-1990 tour.