Fender Mustang Bass

1969 Fender Mustang bass in Competition Orange finish serial number 345763.

Fender introduced the short-scale Mustang bass in 1966, and it was the last bass designed by Leo Fender before he left the company.

In 1969, Fender launched the Competition Mustang bass, adding a special competition finish of racing stripes to the body. Wyman’s Mustang bass has a Competition Orange finish with red racing stripes, Fender colour code #510.

This 30-inch short-scale Mustang bass has an alder wood body, a bolt-on maple neck, dot inlays on fingerboard, a chrome bridge with adjustable string mutes, a black Mustang split pickup mounted on a white Pearloid pickguard, and an input jack and single volume and tone knobs mounted on a chrome faceplate.

The strap button was moved to the short horn for Wyman’s comfort. Together with the original Fender Mustang case.

Wyman used this bass extensively on tour with the Rolling Stones and for studio recordings from 1969 to 1971. He also used the guitar in the music video for the Rolling Stones single “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I like It).”