1977 Travis Bean TB2000 Custom Short-Scale Bass

This bass was custom built for Wyman in 1977.

It is built with a double-cutaway Koa body in a white finish, aluminium neck with the 19-fret fingerboard, two Travis Bean bass pickups wired with volume and tone knobs for each, and a three-way toggle switch. Clifford Travis Bean was a California machinist and drummer who patented an innovative design for guitars and basses with machined aluminium necks. He partnered with Gary Kramer and Marc McElwee in 1974 to produce Travis Bean Guitars and set up his factory in Sun Valley, California.

Wyman used this bass for Rolling Stones recordings in 1977 and 1978.

Together with a copy of the December 1978 issue of Guitar Player magazine featuring an image of Wyman holding this bass on the cover.