10th February

Bill flew to Paris and on to Moscow, then overnight to Tokyo, Japan.

9th February

Bill heard from the family that his father’s health had improved.
Press conference: The Rolling Stones without Bill at the Kurahuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

6th February

Mick and Charlie arrived in Tokyo, Japan from New York.

5th February

Bill’s father worsened in hospital. Bill delayed Rolling Stones trip to Japan. Keith and Ronnie arrived in Tokyo, Japan to a wild reception.

3rd February

Bill heard from the family that his father was really ill again.

2nd February

Ray Coleman joined Bill in Vence for three days to work on the 'Stone Alone' book.

26th January

Meeting with others discussing the Sticky Fingers Cafe.

24th January

Bill spoke to his father in hospital for the last time.

16th January

Bill's father, who was 76 today, was admitted seriously ill to The Sloane Hospital, in Beckenham, Kent.

10th January

Bill and Wolfie left Paris and drove to Vence, South of France.

9th January

Bill and Wolfie left London and drove to Paris, France.


Bill worked on his book 'Stone Alone' throughout the month.