7th May

The Rolling Stones rehearsed at the Chateau du Dangu (until 10th May 1990).

5th May

Bill worked on the final editing of his book with Judith Flanders.

4th May

The Rolling Stones completed a photo session for the tour programme and publicity.
Bill left and drove to Paris for the weekend break.

30th April

Bill drove to the Chateau near du Dangu in Paris to join the rest of The Rolling Stones and began rehearsals there (until 4th May 1990).

25th April

Bill had dinner with Ringo Starr at La Colombe d’Or.

20th April

Bill shot a promo video for his book 'Stone Alone' at his house in Vence.

17th April

Bill bought Mandy a house in Muswell Hill, London.

9th April

Ringo Starr called and rented Bill’s house for two months from 25th June to 25th August inclusive.

4th April

Bill did interviews for Denmark and Belgium, promoting The Rolling Stones' European Tour.
Judith Flanders arrived to continue editing Bill’s book until 8th April 1990.

3rd April

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach visited with the idea of renting the house.

1st April

Bill had dinner with Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach and others.


Bill worked on the 'Stone Alone' book throughout the month.

27th March

Ringo Starr visited Bill at the Vence House.

22nd March

Press conference at the Tabernacle Club, London, where Mick unveiled plans to tour Europe as the 'Urban Jungle Tour'.
Tony Lacey (from Penguin) arrived to edit Bill’s book till 25th March 1990.

14th March

Bill attended the Chris Rea/Andy Fairweather Low concert in Nice.


Bill worked on the 'Stone Alone' book throughout the month.

8th March

Bill drove to his home in the South of France.

6th March

Bill left London and drove to Paris via Dover, the ferry and Calais.

5th March

Bill attended his father’s cremation with family in Beckenham, Kent.

3rd March

Bill and Wolfie flew Tokyo to London direct.

28th February

The Rolling Stones – minus Bill – and entourage left Tokyo and flew home.

27th February

The Rolling Stones celebrated last performance at the Korakuen Dome, Tokyo with drinks and said goodbye to everyone.

20th February

Bill's father died at the Sloane Hospital, Beckenham, Kent aged 76.
Japan experienced a 6.6 earthquake.

17th February

The Rolling Stones attended a CBS/Sony Records reception at the hotel after the show, where the Stones were presented with Platinum CD Awards and video cameras.

16th February

Bill was checking his father’s health daily with the family.

15th February

Bill attended the Michael Cooper book launch at the Isetan Department Store, Tokyo, Japan.

14th February

The Rolling Stones performed at the Korakuen Dome, Tokyo to 50,000 fans – first of ten shows in a row – until 27th February 1990.

13th February

The Rolling Stones held a rehearsal at the venue.

12th February

Bill and Ronnie did TV, radio and press interviews.
The Rolling Stones held a rehearsal at the venue.

11th February

Bill arrived in Tokyo, Japan and checked into the Okura Hotel. He then joined the rest of The Rolling Stones.