Bill has revealed his favourite Rolling Stones memorabilia ahead of his Property From Bill Wyman And His Rolling Stones Archive auction, which starts today!

Bill’s auction of rare items from his career, including many unique pieces that were pivotal in the history of the Rolling Stones, are being auctioned by Julien’s Auctions.

Visit Julien’s Live to view the catalogue and sign in to bid.

Ahead of the auction, which starts today and runs until Sunday, September 13th, Bill has revealed some of his favourite items from the auction in an interview with Variety Magazine.

Items Bill picked out for his charity auction include the TAMI show poster, which was the first rock concert ever to be filmed on video and a pair of silver cowboy boots.

Bill says: “The silver cowboy boots are very special to me, not least because they actually saved my life! I was wearing these boots at a show in Minnesota at the St. Paul Civic Center, and as the show ended and the curtains closed I tripped, fell off the stage, and knocked myself unconscious. When Astrid, my girlfriend at the time, noticed that I was missing, the crew went searching for me, and spotted my silver boots sticking out from beneath the curtain.”

One of the most important items is the Vox AC 30 amplifier, which was pivotal in the history of the Rolling Stones.

Bill says: “I bought my first Vox AC 30 in 1961 for my South London group The Cliftons. It’s rather rare and unique, as it is not the usual dark version, but pale yellow in colour.

At my audition with the Stones, I offered this amplifier to the boys to use, together with a Watkins Westminster amp (that has unfortunately vanished forever). I was playing my home-made fretless bass at the time, with my own amplifier and bass cabinet with my favourite 18-inch speaker. The Stones used the Vox Amp throughout their early career, and it finally came to be used by Ian Stewart to amplify his piano on stage when he performed with us.”

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