The Seattle Times has joined the growing ranks of major newspapers providing positive reviews of the Bill Wyman documentary film The Quiet One.

Bill’s documentary The Quiet One is getting positive reviews, with major newspapers hailing its rare collection of archive footage and fascinating insights into the early years of the Rolling Stones, and Bill’s formative years and his time with the band.

The Seattle Times The Quiet One review: Shining a light on bassist Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones provides an in-depth look at the highlights, including details of Bill’s archive that Bill calls: “A little capsule of my life”.

The Seattle Times writes:

Off on a tour through Stones back pages. Your tour guide: Bill Wyman, bassist, soft-spoken steady-Eddie member of “the greatest rock ’n’ roll band in the world.”

He’s the man in the chair. At 82, he’s the oldest member of the group, which he left in 1993 after 31 years spanning their start as a pure blues ensemble to the height of their worldwide fame.

That room is as much of a central figure in the picture as Wyman himself. It’s his archive. “A little capsule of my life” in his home, it’s packed with photos, films, tapes, notes and other memorabilia he’s diligently collected over the years. It’s the raw material mined by filmmaker Oliver Murray for this revealing documentary.

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