Bill’s documentary The Quiet One – which offers a fascinating delve into his vast personal archive – is now available to stream on Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Video and more.

Following the theatrical release of The Quiet One in select cinemas across the US last week, the Oliver Murray directed documentary is now available to stream from numerous video-on-demand services.

Watch The Quiet One now at the official The Quiet One documentary website.

Written and directed by Oliver Murray, and produced by Jamie Clarke and Jennifer Corcoran, The Quiet One stars Bill as he speaks about his life and the experiences that have shaped his musical career.

Throughout his three-decade career as a founding member of and bassist for The Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman was known to the world as the “quiet one” in the band. Now, the famously private music legend speaks out about his extraordinary life and experiences as part of “the greatest rock and roll band in the world.”

Opening up his vast personal archive — a lifetime’s worth of previously unseen home movies, photographs, and memorabilia — Wyman reflects on his early years with The Stones, the band’s meteoric rise to fame, and his search for a sense of “normalcy” amidst the whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rebellion. Endearingly humble and down-to-earth, Wyman pulls back the curtain to offer a one-of-a-kind perspective on life as a reluctant rock star.

The Quiet One is available to stream on Apple TV, Amazon Video, VuDu, Google Play, YouTube, DirecTV, Xbox and Xfinity.

Watch now at The Quiet One documentary website.