Taken from the album Just For A Thrill and featuring the magnificent Beverley Skeete on vocals, Cry Baby is this week’s track selected by Bill.

Blues Matters Magazine summed up Just For A Thrill with a razor-sharp quote: ‘A quick health check: put this CD on your player. Press Play. Listen. Check 40 seconds later. If you’re not smiling or tapping your toes or drumming your fingers on the steering wheel; get someone to check your pulse…’

Cry Baby has it all, with Beverley Skeete’s vocals offering soft, seductive melody that can scale to tremendous highs to lift the track to soaring heights. Sit back and enjoy:

Cry Baby is taken from the fifth album from Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings.

Just For A Thrill has Wyman’s usual hit formula – real music, great players, wonderful guests, great songs, some old, some new – and an ever-growing audience just waiting to hear what the former Rolling Stones bassist has come up with now.

Bill and the boys (and girl) don’t disappoint with the new album, released on May 10, 2004 in the UK on R&M records. Lead vocalists Georgie Fame, Beverley Skeete, Albert Lee and Mike Sanchez tackle blues and jazz standards, old classics from Wyman’s encyclopaedic collection and even a Beatles cover together with brand new songs with equal aplomb.

And with a band that features Fame and Sanchez on keyboards, Albert Lee and Terry Taylor on guitars, Graham Broad on drums, and the horn section of Frank Mead and Nick Payn plus Bill Wyman on bass, the tracks are equally sizzling. And did we forget to mention-a certain Mark Knopfler, yes, of Dire Straits fame, adds his guitar virtuosity as well.

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