Bill has expressed his sadness at the passing of both Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner – and remembers meeting each of them with fondness.

Bill says the sad death of both Hugh Hefner on September 27, 2017 and Tom Petty on October 2, 2017 recalled fond memories of meeting both throughout his career.

Bill says Tom gave him a gift he still has:

I met Tom Petty on many occasions, and apart from being a very talented musician, he was a really nice guy. Tom gave me a framed poster of his band with everyone’s signatures – and it’s something that I still have to this day.

The Rolling Stones also had a long history with Hugh Hefner, according to Bill:

When the Stones stayed at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago for four days in June 1972, Hugh taught me to play backgammon and I played with him many times during those days.

Photo credit: Musicisentropy