Not in front of the children – grab your copy of Bill Wyman’s Rude Dudes on CD featuring 40 tracks over two CDs.

There are many people who think the Blues are depressing and dull. They think that the blues are about lost love, missed trains, or a lack of money. Not true, they are just as likely to be about sex and are often full of fun.

Although I decided to call this collection ‘Rude Dudes’ you’ll find a lot of ‘Dudesses’ too. For back in the 1920s & 30s risqué blues were fair game for both men and women. There are many hundreds of blues songs that have double meanings, as well as lots where there is only one possible interpretation!

In picking the songs to be included here I wanted to be sure that they could stand on their musical merits, as well as through the wit that the lyrics displayed. So, if your friends need convincing that the blues can make you smile, play them this… but not in front of the children.

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