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The Stones: A History In Cartoons combines previously unpublished entries from Bill Wyman’s personal diaries with cartoons by some of the greatest satirical artists of the last 40 years. Over more than four decades, The Rolling Stones have been the inspiration for hundreds of cartoons and Bill Wyman has collected them, meticulously recording when and where they appeared.A-history-in-cartoons_300_300

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Arranged chronologically, this book combines 150 individual cartoons with the entry from Bill’s diary written on the day the drawing was published. Covering everything from the infamous drugs bust to Wyman’s leaving the band, and from screaming fans to the day a Bristol hotel refused to serve the Stones lunch because they weren’t smart enough, this is a unique & personal look at one of the greatest bands of the twentieth century.

Bill Wyman gives his own unique take on life with The Rolling Stones and we are treated to a comprehensive collection of the funniest cartoons ever created about the pop scene.

Bill, himself no stranger to the sarcasm and wit of the cartoonist’s pen, puts the illustrations into the context of what was actually happening when they were drawn and gives us an insight into what it must be like to live in the media spotlight 24/7.

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