Bill gave a fascinating interview with Classic Rock in August 2016 – and we’ve resurfaced it from the archives so you can enjoy Bill’s thoughts and musings on legends such as Jimi Hendrix.

Classic Rock interviewed Bill Wyman in August 2016 – and he provided a series of thoughts and comments on rock royalty throughout his career, looking back with fondness on some of his amazing adventures during his time with The Rolling Stones.

We’ve surfaced it from the archives so you can enjoy Bill’s thoughts – extracts below. You can read the full interview at Classic Rock.

Classic Rock wrote:

Classic Rock met with Bill Wyman – rock royalty, Rhythm King, legendary crumpeteer, and for 30 years the bassist in The Greatest Rock’n’Roll Band In The World – at Sticky Fingers, his American-styled bistro in Kensington. The walls are decked out in glorious Stones memorabilia, including the fretless bass Wyman invented in 1961 and his old mate Brian Jones’s gold Gibson guitar. “It’s the only thing I’ve got of Brian’s and it’s worth an awful lot of money,” he says wistfully. “It’s my little treasure.”

On Jimi Hendrix:

I first saw him at a club in Queens in New York in 1966, when he was known as Jimmy James. He did things the average person wasn’t doing, though I knew they’d been done before – playing guitar round the back of your head and biting strings. Jimi was a nice guy and all the Stones got on very well with him.

When we got back from America, I bumped into The Animals at the Scotch Of St James. Chas [Chandler, bassist] said to me: “We’re off to the States next week.” I said: “If you’re in New York, go and see this guy called Hendrix. He’s fantastic.”

So they went, Chas met him and then signed him and brought him over. I was one of the first people to see him here, when he played a club in Bromley [The Bromel Club, in 1967]. It might have been the first gig he did. There was hardly anyone else there. But he still poured lighter fuel on his guitar and set fire to it that night.

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