Bill Wyman has released ‘Greatest’ – a digital-only album of some of his most iconic songs from his solo career, and only available on iTunes.

Bill’s first digital-exclusive album – which is just £4.99 on iTunes – is a brilliant way to download 12 tracks that defined Bill’s solo work after he left the Rolling Stones in 1992.

Bill Wyman’s Greatest features 12 greatest hits for just £4.99 including ‘(Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star’, ‘A New Fashion’ and ‘Come Back Suzanne’!

Bill_Greatest_300The track list includes:

  1. (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star
  2. A New Fashion
  3. Monkey Grip Glue
  4. White Lightnin’
  5. She Danced
  6. Stuff (Can’t Get Enough)
  7. Nuclear Reactions
  8. Come Back Suzanne
  9. What a Blow
  10. I Wanna Get Me a Gun
  11. A Quarter to Three
  12. Apache Woman

Buy Greatest on iTunes.