Bill has been featured on Loud And Quiet talking about his passion and enthusiasm for metal detecting, and some of his fantastic finds…

Bill has been featured in an article on Loud And Clear called ‘What rock stars do next: Bill Wyman’s buried treasure‘, which reveals more details on Bill’s passion and interest in metal detecting – and how he got into detecting.

“I’ve been a serious detecting enthusiast ever since and was delighted when my daughter Katie showed an interest in the hobby,” he says on “I’ve found gold coins from the 1300’s which are worth £1,000 each but I’m not interested in their monetary value, it’s the history that’s important to me.”

From Wroxeter to East Anglia, Cumbria to Mold, he’s been the length and breadth of the country in his quest for treasure hunting success. With a haul of over 300 coins, rare silver seals, and 3,000 year old blades, Bill took his interest, and over 15 years detecting experience, to the next logical level: the Wyman Signature Detector. Released in 2007, and armed with the latest in location technology, it promised an unrivalled combination of features designed to put any aspiring dectorist “on the road to treasure hunting success” and positioned Wyman as a dectorist of some authority – Brian May’s got that guitar he designed; Wyman has his detector.

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